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Email fatigue is a growing problem for businesses as employees become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails they receive every day. Email fatigue can negatively impact your business as it can lead to increased stress, decreased productivity, and burnout among employees. Employees that are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails they receive, can become distracted, lose focus, and have difficulty completing tasks, ultimately affecting the bottom line.

Relying solely on email as a communication channel is no longer viable and can limit collaboration and hinder creativity among your teams. Lengthy email chains can make it difficult to track changes, and important information can be missed or buried in a cluttered inbox. Additionally, email has never been the most effective method for urgent or time-sensitive communication, as it may take too long to receive a response.

To combat email fatigue and its adverse effects, businesses should consider alternative communication channels. Tools like CLA offers multiple channels to communicate with your staff. For example, our pop-up messaging module makes sure your team never misses time-sensitive information. Our Subliminal modules help you reinforce company culture and important messages.

Our Scheduling features can also be a valuable resource for businesses, helping to manage communications, deadlines, and schedule communications more efficiently. By using these tools, businesses can reduce the need for lengthy email chains and improve team collaboration.

In conclusion, while email is still a necessary communication tool for businesses, it’s important to recognize email fatigue’s adverse effects and explore alternative communication channels. By doing so, businesses can improve employee well-being, increase productivity, and ultimately improve business outcomes.