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Corporate Survey

Improve Corporate survey feedback with our innovative survey module

The Corporate Survey is one of the impact modules that has gained popularity and relevance in recent years. The term survey often refers to the gathering of feedback typically related to corporate questionnaires, where the feedback is typically of a rating nature such as an employee satisfaction survey, or it could be a poll where a staff member has the opportunity to vote for Employee of the Month. Other typical feedback questionnaires involve getting an employee’s opinion on the recently published newsletter, or getting staff to rate the service they receive from their in-house IT support team. All these examples highlight the uses of the Corporate Survey, but simply as a tool for gathering staff feedback.

The Corporate Survey is a sophisticated feature, and is capable of doing a lot more than just gathering feedback from staff. In addition to the examples above, the CLA survey is also able to measure employee’s knowledge in the form of an assessment or quiz. In the  financial services sector, assessments might be used to measure an employee’s knowledge on the laws and regulations which dictate the way in which financial instruments need to be issued. In the mining sector, assessments are regularly run amongst staff members to ensure that they have a strong knowledge of the rules and regulations around various topics relating to health and safety and the correct use of protective personal equipment. In a call centre environment where staff are engaged in outbound sales calls, assessments will regularly be run to ensure that all sales personnel have a strong knowledge of the products they are required to sell. The Corporate Survey tool is used across a number of sectors for the purposes of running assessments. For more information on this specific feature, refer to the section entitled “Quiz”.

Collect feedback from your team with CLA’s corporate survey tool

In addition to gathering feedback and running assessments, the Corporate Survey feature can also be used to run an RSVP for a company function. The RSVP functionality will automatically place a reminder in your default calendar if you respond to a question indicating attendance to a function. Once a user has responded with the intention to attend, a number of optional related questions (called “dependent questions”) will be presented to the user. These may involve the gathering of feedback on dietary restrictions, travel requirements, partner attendance or accommodation needs, as may be deemed necessary based on the function being held. For more information on this specific feature, refer to the section entitled “RSVP”.

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