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Employee Engagement Quiz

Easily conduct internal surveys with the help of our Employee Engagement Quiz module

Gathering feedback from staff and obtaining responses is an important task for companies, and often one which requires many reminders, constant following up and lots of patience!! This challenge is compounded when the feedback being gathered is an Employee Engagement Quiz or an assessment in which the knowledge of employees is being measured. If you are the Health and Safety officer, it will be a requirement of yours to assess the knowledge that your employees have on how to react in the event of a crisis, or whether they are clear on how to use the prescribed protective personal equipment in the correct manner to ensure their safety, and the safety of others. Training material can be delivered to users interactively through other CLA features such as the pop-up and compliance modules, or it can delivered in a subliminal manner using a combination of Corporate Screensavers, Desktop Wallpaper background images or Locked Screen images. Pushing educational content to staff is very important, but assessing the level of knowledge that your staff has on the topics being taught is arguably more important.

Using the Employee Engagement Quiz functionality that is bundled with the CLA Survey feature, you are able to compile a number of questions designed to assess the knowledge of the subject matter under review. Assessment questions can be formatted as single select options, where only 1 of the available options is correct. Alternatively, questions may be formatted as multi-select options, where more than 1 selection might form part of the correct response. It is a customisable feature to enable or disable the feedback to the user on whether a question was responded to correctly or incorrectly, and also whether the correct answer is revealed in the event that an incorrect response was provided. To reduce the possibility of cheating, this option may be disabled, but keeping it enabled has the advantage of not just testing staff on their knowledge, but also training staff should they get the answer incorrect.

Ensure improved engagement with Corporate Voice’s Employee engagement quiz

Once the assessment is completed, the user is presented with a conclusion screen which not only has a salutation and conclusion message, but will also provide a summary of the score achieved. This summary can be exported to Excel which provides summary feedback on the scores obtained, as well as detail on every question, including the question, the response provided and whether it was answered correctly or not. Once an assessment or an Employee Engagement Quiz has been conducted, access to the consolidated responses is crucial, firstly to accurately assess the level of knowledge amongst employees, but also to identify the gaps that exist where additional training may be needed. Comprehensive reports are available in real time to all authorised CLA content administrators.

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