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Very few organizations can make the confident claim that they are effectively communicating with members of their staff. Bulk email is widely used by organizations simply because it is readily available … however seldom effective, and the message seldom reaches the intended audience.

CLA provides alternative innovative modules in a customizable toolkit. All messages published through any of the CLA modules are delivered to the intended audience via a priority channel ensuring that the message is read and remembered.

While it is crucial to be able to effectively push information to staff in the form of newsletters, corporate announcements, product catalogues or marketing material, gathering feedback from staff is just as vital and often one of the most challenging tasks of the corporate communications team. Running questionnaires, surveys, a product knowledge quiz, competitions and other general feedback such as event attendance and catering is typically both time-consuming and often frustrating and unsuccessful. CLA has a comprehensive, built-in survey and reporting module that boasts a massive 90%+ response rate within 2-3 working days – a response rate which is unparalleled by any other feedback tool on the market.

Corporate LAN Advertising – Let us be Your Corporate Voice!!



  • Turn PC screens into digital billboards using CLA screensavers, and drive awareness around current campaigns
  • Plan and load campaigns in advance by scheduling start and end dates. They will automatically change as that date arrives
  • Screensavers are able to support and display images, videos, flash files and URL’s.

Some uses of Screensaver

  • Products
  • Long Service Awards
  • Blood Service / Shavathon
  • Canteen Menu
  • Company News

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CLA Surveys

  • Need to gather feedback from your staff? Make answering questions simple.
  • Target different surveys to different users, groups, departments or regional offices.
  • Achieve in excess of 90% response within 48 hours with minimal effort.
  • Export a collated and comprehensive report to Excel.

Some uses of Survey

  • Gathering general feedback from staff
  • RSVP for company functions
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Training and development
  • Human Resource questionnaires

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Digital Signage

  • High visibility LCD screens provide a great way to speak to a captive audience (staff facing or customer facing) as a Digital Signage Solution.
  • Digital Signage terminals are able to support and display images, videos, flash files and URL’s.
  • Different content can be published to different screens depending on location and purpose.

Some uses of Digital Signage

  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • Announcements
  • Internal Vacancies
  • Products
  • Marketing Media
  • Company News

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Ticker Tape

  • Push Ticker Tape messages to scroll at the bottom of the screensaver (such as on CNN and Sky News)
  • Publish to both user PC’s as well as LCD screens positioned in high visibility areas
  • Push different ticker tape messages to different users, groups, departments, regional offices or LCD screens
  • Messages can be time-sliced to ensure that the correct messages are scrolling across the screens at the appropriate time of day

Some uses of Ticker

  • Reinforce company values
  • Display mission and vision statements
  • General reminders
  • Motivational messages
  • Staff Birthdays

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Reminder: The blood service will be in the main boardroom today from 11h00. Donate blood, save a life! * Congratulations to Joe Soap. He has received a platinum service award.

Desktop Wallpapers

  • Remotely control the desktop wallpaper of all staff members to advertise relevant company news.
  • Staff access icons on the desktop at least 12-15 times a day, so a very effective channel to drive awareness.
  • Use Desktops to complement and reinforce the messages that are delivered via the other CLA Channels, especially the Screensaver.
  • Publish different desktop wallpapers to different users, groups, departments or regional offices.

Some uses of Desktops

  • Long Service Awards
  • Values, mission, vision
  • In the Media
  • Campaign reinforcement

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