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Digital Information Displays

Enhance your employee engagement through our sophisticated digital information displays, extending your reach within the organization

The majority of features within the CLA Platform are designed to improve an organisations ability to engage more effectively with office based staff, whose job function involves them making use of desktop PC or laptop for the majority of their work day. But what about companies where a large contingent of their workforce are not white-collar office-based employees working on a laptop, but instead spend their days manufacturing products on a factory floor, or underground mining minerals? These “non-device-enabled” employees are very difficult to engage with, and are often incorrectly omitted from most communication plans and strategy formulations. In contrast, the “device-enabled” employees spend the majority of their days replying to emails, working in spreadsheets, or attending meetings either in boardroom or online, and most of the CLA features are designed to engage with these employees while they use their PCs and laptops to perform their jobs.

Between their functions, “device-enabled” employees will leave their laptops idle in predominantly open-plan office spaces while they walk to the coffee station to make themselves a cup of coffee or attend a meeting in a nearby boardroom. While they are away from their desks, CLA is hard at work creating awareness to staff members that are either sitting within view of the unattended/idle device left behind on the desk, or find themselves walking past the unattended device that was left idle. After a few minutes of inactivity, the idle device will launch the Corporate Screensaver feature of CLA transforming the unused screen into a digital billboard boosting awareness in a subliminal manner. While the screensaver is displaying, if this user has been targeted to receive a Ticker Tape, the message of the ticker tape will scroll at the bottom of the screen in much the same way news headlines, weather forecasts and share prices scroll at the bottom of the screen when you watch your favourite news channel.

Ensure a broad internal reach with our Digital Signage Boards

These 2 features, the Corporate Screensaver and Ticker Tape, are extendable onto strategically positioned LCD screens … a feature which we call Digital Signage Boards. Positioning Digital Signage Boards in areas where “non-device-enabled” employees aggregate (such as canteens and change rooms) provides a powerful channel to push news, announcements and training material, thus closing the communication gap that exists among disconnected staff. Different content can be pushed to different Digital Signage Boards depending on purpose and intended audience, and content can be pre-scheduled in advance to change on a specific date and at a specific time, thus enabling the internal communications team to plan their published campaigns well in advance.

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