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Corporate Desktop Wallpapers

Reinforce internal communications with our Corporate Desktop Wallpaper module

If you are an accountant, you are likely to make use of Excel for most of the day. If you are a graphics designer, you are likely to use a range of editing applications. If you are a project manager, you will use a number of resourcing tools, while software developers will spend most of their day writing code using a series of compilers.

Regardless of which applications an employee uses most of the day, there will be at least a dozen times on any given day that all these applications will be minimised in order for users to access their corporate desktop wallpapers. Everyone is guilty of saving some files that are “work in progress” on their desktop, or links to folders or company shares. Whenever we access any file on our corporate desktop wallpaper, we will inevitably pay attention to the image that is being displayed as the background image, especially if you did not change it, and it has been changed on your behalf!

Given how frequently staff access their corporate desktop wallpapers, and the visibility of the branding on their backgrounds, a very valuable opportunity exists to push messaging to users on their corporate desktop wallpapers in addition to other subliminal modules which form part of the CLA platform.

Get the message across with CLAs Corporate Desktop Wallpapers

The corporate desktop wallpaper feature is able to communicate with staff in a subliminal manner, in that the content is visible to an employee without them being required to do anything in order to be communicated with. It transforms every background into a billboard, continuously communicating awareness around current marketing campaigns, updates to polices, important announcements, relevant product information or IT Security warnings.

Content published as part of a corporate desktop wallpaper can be scheduled in advance for activation on a specific date and time, so that a number of campaigns can be pre-loaded and scheduled into the future avoiding the need to rush and publish under pressure.

The corporate desktop wallpaper is also able to push different content to different people depending on the department they belong to, the regional office they are located at, or any other logical segmentation that may be needed.

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