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Increase company policy compliance with our Compliance Management software

As the availability of personal information becomes more protected, and as the frequency and intensity of carefully planned and executed cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and financially crippling, so the implementation of policies and frameworks designed to safeguard the interests of companies and its stakeholders has taken centre stage. Risk and compliance were, historically, departments that performed functions which very few knew or heard about. More recently, since the enforcement of several acts which dictate the manner in which personal information needs to be stored, how it may be used or distributed, and the manner in which it needs to be protected, companies are required to ensure that all staff comply with policies which dictate these terms of use. It is no longer “good enough” to just have a document sitting on the intranet which explains how data may be used. It is no longer acceptable to assume that staff have read and understood these archives.

It is required that companies implement compliance management software ensuring all staff access and read new policies that get published, and that they are fully aware and knowledgeable of any updates to existing policies. Beyond just being able to report that policies were accessed and read, more sophisticated compliance management software providing the functionality to digitally accept the terms of the policies, and date-stamping the acceptance against a user’s profile (as is available within the CLA platform) is now in high demand to satisfy the requirements of internal and external auditors. Once a policy has been distributed, it might be necessary to run an assessment on the extent to which the contents of the published policy was properly understood by the staff that indicated their acceptance of the terms. Using the CLA Survey tool, an assessment can be compiled and configured in such a way that it is automatically targeted and delivered to users once they have accepted the terms of the policy.

Ensure help and compliance with the Corporate Voice Compliance management software

Using the compliance management software bundled with the CLA platform, companies are able to achieve in excess of 90-95% completion of any policy that is distributed (and its related assessment) within a few days of being published. A comprehensive set of reports relating to policies is available in real-time, and covers who a policy was delivered to, when each person accessed a specific policy, when each person read it to completion and also the staff member’s response on acceptance of the terms of the policy and its related assessment responses.

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