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Internal Communications

Communication with impact – Whether you’re growing a small or a large business, your internal communication has a direct impact on your company’s success.

The way you communicate with your employees has a tremendous impact on employee productivity, teamwork, employee experience, and ultimately employee engagement.

In the absence of a platform like CLA, most companies resort to using traditional channels of communication (such as internal email) to communicate with staff. Unfortunately, most corporate PC users find it challenging to keep on top of their VERY congested and overwhelming inboxes, that it is unrealistic of companies to expect effective employee engagements using a channel which is already strained and over-utilised.

In recent months, remote working has added additional pressure on email volumes, so sending any form of communication to staff via email has become a futile exercise.

CLA has been designed to overcome the challenges companies face with employees not paying attention to internal emails and other traditional internal communication channels. This tool uses a combination of impact messaging and multimedia channels to dynamically broadcast news and information to members of staff very effectively, ensuring that the message is seen and remembered. It is also able to gather feedback from staff through innovative survey/questionnaire methods which are both effective but non-disruptive, which is what makes CLA so attractive.

Once we have understood your challenges, we will propose a solution which will boost your Employee Engagement and close the gap between the Communications Team and the companies most valuable assets … it’s staff!

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Effective communication with staff overcoming the challenging tasks of dissemination of corporate information.