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Frequently Asked Questions – Got a question? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your questions here get in touch.
How far in advance can content be sequenced?
Content can be sequenced as far into the future as your licence extends. If you opt for the annual licensing option, you would be able to sequence content a year into the future.
Is there a limit to the number of items (such as Screensavers / Desktops) that can be loaded?
There is no limit to the “amount” of content that you can load. You are able to load as many screensaver images as you like, as many popups as you feel are necessary and surveys can have as many questions as you wish.
Can multiple people load content or is there only one administrator?
Multiple administrators are allowed and they have visibility of each others’ content. Certain limitations can be put on administrators (e.g. an administrator could be allowed to load screensavers but not have rights to save popups).
Can the Admin Software be accessed offsite?
Yes, provided the administrator is able to connect to the network via 3G, VPN, etc.
Is training provided and included in the quotation?
Upon implementation, a full 4 hour instructor lead training session will be provided. Thereafter, we conduct several training sessions each month at our premises. Administrators are welcome to attend as many of these sessions as they feel they require. These are provided at no additional cost.
How is bandwidth affected with CLA and how resource intensive is it?
The CLA platform has been designed to be “bandwidth-friendly”, and it achieves this by creating a query queue which limits the number of concurrent connections to the CLA database where the content is stored. All PCs are configured to do a SYNC every 15-20 minutes, and since the timers are not in tandem, the SYNC requests are also staggered across the users.
Is it necessary for a “client” to run on each user machine?
A client does need to be installed on each PC or laptop – it is this software that is responsible for communicating with the CLA database, and also for presenting the content on each user’s screen.
How is the “client” installed on each user machine?
The CLA architecture team will provide your support engineers with an installer of the CLA client. This installer needs to be run on all PCs. It can be automated by way of Active Directory GPO, SCCM, or other deployment tools.
How much does it cost?
CLA licensing is on a sliding scale … the more licenses you require, the less each license costs. CLA is also modular, so you are not required to pay for ALL modules if you do not need them all. For a formal costing proposal, please ask your sales executive to assist with this.