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A prominent bank, one of the “Big Four,” aimed to connect with the youth demographic in their organisation and enhance brand awareness among this dynamic audience. To achieve this goal, the bank launched an innovative Youth Campaign utilizing the CLA Desktop Wallpaper and Lockscreen Modules. The campaign aimed to reach a specific target audience and create a lasting impact by employing creative and engaging visuals.

Campaign Strategy:

The Youth Campaign centered around leveraging the Desktop Wallpaper and Lockscreen Module, a cutting-edge approach to interact with users on their devices. By capitalizing on the digital landscape, the bank aimed to capture the attention of the youth demographic in an authentic and non-intrusive manner. The campaign strategy focused on delivering a compelling imagery that would resonate with the target audience and create a strong brand presence.


The campaign was meticulously executed, with the Desktop Wallpaper Module allowing the bank to reach an impressive 97% exposure on desktops. Out of the targeted audience, an overwhelming majority saw the campaign image as their Desktop Wallpaper. This high level of exposure ensured that the brand message was not only seen but also embedded into the daily digital experiences of the youth audience.

Moreover, the Lockscreen module proved equally effective, garnering a remarkable 93% exposure rate. This success further reaffirmed the campaign’s impact in making a strong visual impression.

The Youth Campaign’s outstanding results demonstrated the power of utilizing innovative technology to connect with employees. By harnessing the Desktop Wallpaper and Lockscreen Modules, the bank achieved an impressive exposure rate.

The campaign’s image garnered widespread attention, and the bank’s brand message resonated with the targeted youth demographic, leaving a lasting impression on their digital journey. The strategic utilization of the Desktop Wallpaper and Lockscreen Modules ensured that the campaign became an integral part of users’ daily interactions with their devices, reinforcing brand recall and familiarity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embracing Innovation: The success of the Youth Campaign highlights the importance of embracing innovative digital solutions to engage with your employees. The Desktop Wallpaper and Lockscreen Modules offered a novel way to interact with users, resulting in a significantly high exposure rate.
  • Tailored Content: Understanding the preferences and interests of the target audience is vital in creating impactful content. The campaign was targeted at a specific group and without specialised tools like CLA this targeting becomes difficult and more laborious.
  • Non-intrusive Engagement: The Desktop Wallpaper and Lockscreen Modules provided a seamless and non-intrusive way to engage with users, ensuring a positive user experience while effectively delivering the brand message.