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The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s a time of joy and celebration, it can also present challenges in maintaining productivity and creating a festive atmosphere within your organization. Luckily, with CLA’s innovative communication tools, you can strike the perfect balance. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to keep your teams productive and infuse a festive spirit into your workplace during this holiday season:


 1. Set Clear Expectations

Tip: Start by clearly communicating holiday work expectations to your employees.

How CLA Can Help: Utilize CLA’s modules like the Corporate Lock Screen to gently remind employees about work policies and expectations during the holiday season. This ensures everyone is on the same page, promoting productivity.


2. Foster a Collaborative Spirit

Tip: Encourage teamwork and collaboration during the holidays.

How CLA Can Help: Use CLA’s communication tools to promote team-building activities, reminding employees about upcoming events and fostering a sense of togetherness.


3. Create a Festive Atmosphere

Tip: Infuse the workplace with a festive atmosphere.

How CLA Can Help: Customize CLA’s Corporate Screensaver and Desktop Wallpaper with holiday-themed visuals, spreading cheer and creating a festive environment that can boost morale and productivity.


4. Recognize and Reward

Tip: Acknowledge and reward exceptional contributions.

How CLA Can Help: Use CLA’s modules to schedule recognition messages and visuals, celebrating achievements and motivating employees to stay productive throughout the holiday season.


5. Engage with Festive Content

Tip: Share festive content that resonates with your employees.

How CLA Can Help: Use CLA’s communication tools to deliver holiday-related content, whether it’s heartwarming stories, fun facts, or engaging visuals, fostering a festive spirit that doesn’t compromise productivity.

6. Employee Feedback

Tip: Seek input from employees on how to create a festive yet productive environment.

How CLA Can Help: Utilize CLA’s survey capabilities to collect feedback on holiday initiatives, allowing you to fine-tune your approach for the best balance between festivity and productivity.


7. Plan for the New Year

Tip: Use this time to set goals and chart a clear path for the upcoming year.

How CLA Can Help: Employ CLA’s modules to convey your organization’s vision and objectives for the new year, motivating employees and ensuring a productive start.

8. Celebrate the Season

Tip: Celebrate the holiday season with enthusiasm.

How CLA Can Help: Customize your communication tools with messages and visuals that celebrate the season, spreading joy and maintaining a productive yet festive environment.


By implementing these tips and leveraging CLA’s communication tools, you can navigate the holiday season with ease, keeping teams productive while fostering a festive and engaging atmosphere. With CLA, you have the power to create a harmonious balance that ensures your employees enjoy the holidays without compromising productivity. Here’s to a season of productivity, festivity, and shared success!