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A reputable insurance provider recognized the significance of ensuring compliance with its new Procurement Policy across the organization. To achieve this goal efficiently and securely, the company launched a Compliance Campaign utilizing the CLA Compliance Module. The objective was to require employees to sign and accept the new policy seamlessly, promoting adherence to internal regulations.

Campaign Strategy:

The insurance provider’s Compliance Campaign focused on leveraging the CLA Compliance Module, a powerful tool designed to streamline compliance procedures. The company targeted 757 users, aiming to ensure that each employee acknowledged and accepted the new Procurement Policy. The strategy emphasized efficiency and accuracy, aiming to drive widespread compliance with minimal disruptions.


The campaign execution was highly successful, with an impressive 89% of targeted users completing the required action. Out of the 757 employees, 674 participants successfully signed and accepted the new Procurement Policy, showcasing the effectiveness of the CLA Compliance Module in engaging the workforce.

Moreover, 83 outstanding actions demonstrated the efficiency of the system in tracking and managing compliance progress. The Compliance Module allowed the insurance provider to identify outstanding acceptances, enabling timely follow-ups and ensuring that every employee participated in the compliance process.

The system’s ability to track outstanding actions effectively further contributed to the campaign’s triumph. By promptly identifying employees who had yet to complete the required action, the insurance provider ensured that no compliance tasks were overlooked or delayed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Streamlined Compliance Procedures: The success of the Compliance Campaign exemplifies the importance of streamlining compliance procedures with innovative tools like the CLA Compliance Module. By providing a user-friendly platform, organizations can drive widespread compliance while minimizing disruptions.
  • Efficient Tracking and Management: The campaign’s achievement highlights the significance of efficient tracking and management of compliance progress. The CLA Compliance Module allowed the insurance provider to stay on top of outstanding actions, ensuring prompt follow-ups and thorough completion.
  • Cultivating Compliance Culture: A proactive approach to compliance demonstrates an organization’s commitment to adhering to internal regulations. By utilizing the CLA Compliance Module, the insurance provider promoted a culture of compliance, emphasizing the importance of policy adherence throughout the company.