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Unlocking Effective Employee Communications: A Vital Solution with Employee Communications Software

In the dynamic landscape of modern organizations, effective staff communication remains an elusive goal for many. Too often, companies resort to the widespread use of bulk emails, a convenient yet frequently ineffective approach that often misses its mark.

Bombarding employees with emails is not the solution. Successfully engaging with your workforce becomes an increasingly daunting challenge, particularly for larger corporations with sprawling regional offices…..

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All messages published through any of the CLA modules are delivered to the intended audience via a priority channel ensuring that the message is read and remembered.

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Most organisations resort to sending emails to staff members as their main (and only) method of
internal communication. The reason companies use this method is simple: email is a platform that is relatively inexpensive and readily available to all organisations and staff members, and thus does not require any special setup or configuration. Engaging with employees by bombarding them with emails is certainly not a solution. The ability to communicate successfully with employees becomes almost impossible and even more challenging for larger corporates having regional offices across a wider geographical footprint

As a result, a large percentage of corporate emails get ignored, indefinitely! Corporate Voice (or CLA as it is more commonly known) has been designed to overcome the challenges companies face with employees not paying attention to internal emails and other traditional internal communication channels. Through the use of a number of modules, Corporate Voice provides organisations with a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE Employee Engagement Platform, which over the years has been implemented at many leading blue chip companies across every sector of the market, and in almost every continent of the globe.

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